Chess kld40.png

Chess tile for making chess boards, e.g. with w:Template:Chess position.

The naming is as follows: chess_xyz40.png where

  • x is the first letter of the piece (k for king, q for queen etc.)
  • y is l or d according as the piece is a white (light) piece or a black (dark) piece
  • z is l or d according as the piece stands on a light square or a dark square

chess_l40.png and chess_d40.png are empty light and dark squares respectively.

chess_xxl40.png and chess_xxd40.png are empty light and dark squares with X's. They can be used in chess diagrams.

Chess images:

digits Chess 1dl40.pngChess 1dd40.pngChess 2dl40.png Chess 2dd40.png
digits Chess 3dl40.pngChess 3dd40.pngChess 4dl40.png Chess 4dd40.png
Space Chess l40.pngChess d40.pngChess xxl40.png Chess xxd40.png
Crosses Chess xbl40.pngChess xbd40.pngChess xgl40.png Chess xgd40.png
Chess xrl40.pngChess xrd40.pngChess xyl40.png Chess xyd40.png
King Chess kll40.pngChess kld40.pngChess kdl40.png Chess kdd40.png
Queen Chess qll40.pngChess qld40.pngChess qdl40.png Chess qdd40.png
Rook Chess rll40.pngChess rld40.pngChess rdl40.png Chess rdd40.png
Bishop Chess bll40.pngChess bld40.pngChess bdl40.png Chess bdd40.png
Pawn Chess pll40.pngChess pld40.pngChess pdl40.png Chess pdd40.png
Knight Chess nll40.pngChess nld40.pngChess ndl40.png Chess ndd40.png

See also Image:Chess tile pd.png, Template:Chess tiles brown.

For Reversi, these tiles can be used. Note that this game is also played on a 8x8 board.

empty square Chess D40.pngChess L40.png
occupied square Chess CDD40.pngChess CLD40.png
marked squares Chess FBD40.pngChess FGD40.pngChess FRD40.png Chess FYD40.png
marked squares Chess FBL40.pngChess FGL40.pngChess FRL40.png Chess FYL40.png

This image was copied from the English Wikipedia, w:Image:Chess kld40.png. It was uploaded there on 7 March 2004 by en:user:Arvindn.

The image was made with imagemagick (mogrify) from a higher resolution 129x129 version, because xboard images are not antialiased. Xboard is GPL'd; I'm not sure about the technicalities of GPL/GFDL compatibility but this image is freely redistributable.

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GNU head This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the true